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Casella Creative is a communications studio in the Bay Area that uses brand ingenuity across print, web and photography. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers based on value and authenticity.

CrossFit Photoshoot

Monterey spine surgeon Doctor Sohrab Gollogly  hired me to photograph is CrossFit workouts with former patients. All his patients during the CrossFit workout have had rehabilitative spine surgery. He’s non-invasive work helps these people get back to the most strenuous workout and live a healthy lifestyle.

Life in Motion

A two and half minute documentary on Tess Deddo ‘s struggle with limbloss. The discovery of the infinite socket and she reclaimed her life back

Product Video Testimonial

In September 2015 with a small crew we travel down to LA to interview Viktor Wagner about his experience with the Infinite Socket. We need a series of vignettes about how people are getting their life back through this and using product. We storyboarded, scouted and shot this video in two days.

Ferrari Challenge

The Ferrari Challenge  2014 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca  allows Ferrari owners the opportunity to compete wheel-to-wheel while providing Ferrari enthusiasts the chance to watch the Prancing Horse run in their natural environment – the race track. Laguna Seca is in our backyard…so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add photos to the portfolio. We have hero shots of …