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Behind the Scenes High End Product Photography In Monterey

Behind-the-Scenes Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest hero shot creation! We take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every one of our product displays. With careful precision, we removed each product from the display boards and got to work crafting a balanced grid pattern using expertly-cut blocks of wood. Our team then ...

Lego Photography Book on Amazon

After 40 years of being a Lego fan I was able to incorporate my graphic design  and photography skills into my Lego passion. It’s a  proof of concept book.  Just the start of a whole series of stories that I will be illustrating with Lego figures and scenes. My Instagram page  l3gochuck has taken off in the last month , ...

Lego photography as a means to inspire creativity

Due to lots of free time during the pandemic I’ve renewed my love for Legos and creating things. After I found an old box of Lego sets I decided to put them together and create a new Instagram profile using my professional photography experience and creativity. So I’ve been designing and curating Lego scenes in photographing them just as another ...

Professional Headshots for Healthcare

A modern, professional headshot is priceless! One great profile photo can change your life and business. NOW is the time to make the right impression and cut through the competition. All sessions share the following: – We will usually take a few hundred shots. – When you book, you pay a deposit of $100. This is deducted from the full ...

Crop Protection Photography

My client Green Valley Farm Supply hired me to document their farm operations. They work 24/7 fighting against pests and increasing profits  for growers in the Salinas Valley. I’m in the process of refreshing their website and Marketing campaigns. It started with compelling images to tell their brand story.

AgTech Photoshoot

As a part of the content gathering for the new Concentric Power website in the works we did a photo shoot in the shipping yard of Taylor Farms. Here are some of the compelling images we captured.