Behind the Scenes High End Product Photography In Monterey


Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest hero shot creation! We take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every one of our product displays. With careful precision, we removed each product from the display boards and got to work crafting a balanced grid pattern using expertly-cut blocks of wood. Our team then placed each product strategically within the grid, filling white space and creating the perfect visual for our upcoming ad. The process took a total of five hours to layout and style the photo, with every placement based on pure bling factor. Once the photos were captured, they were sent to our skilled post-production team, who put the finishing touches on the stunning final image. All in all, this whole project took a total of 10 hours to bring to life. At [Brand Name], we don’t cut corners – we go the extra mile to create visually striking and memorable displays that capture the essence of your brand.


Are you looking for product photography services? I specialize in creating heroic commercial product photography with an emphasis on the post-production process. My clients use the product imagery that I create to build brand awareness and increase sales through means of marketing, advertising and educating their customers. Having access to amazing photographs of the products you sell that ultimately pays for itself.