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Casella Creative is a communications studio in the Bay Area that uses brand ingenuity across print, web and photography. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers based on value and authenticity.

Carmel House Illustration

Carmel California is known for it's quaint cottages and beautiful beaches. It's one of the  few places in California that does not use physical addresses. One of my good friends moved into one of the addressless houses.  In order to identify his house I created this fun little illustration. The satisfying part was to create this illustration into something tangible.

Custom Isometric Illustrations

Icon creation and Illustrations are my favorite projects. Concentric Power  is a next generation provider of smart microgrid systems. So they needed a quick way to illustrate power solutions for their agriculture clients. I produced this custom set of isometric icons that could be pieced together to create a digestible visual representation in PowerPoint. The icons could be formatted in ...

Download Free Vector Security Guilloche Pattern

I was working on a personal project looking for a vector security pattern. I came across a great tutorial using the Adobe illustrator -envelope distort tool. I created these vector objects with a brush you can modify. You may use these files anyway you like. I just thought it might save you some time. Thanks for checking out my website. ...

Legos for Tradeshows

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects we've worked on. The project was to create a trade show giveaway with a long shelf life. Legos seemed like a logical solution, because of the modularity of the client's product. Manifesting this idea into a feasible cost effective project was a major design challenge. The first step was to ...

Crop Protection Photography

My client Green Valley Farm Supply hired me to document their farm operations. They work 24/7 fighting against pests and increasing profits  for growers in the Salinas Valley. I’m in the process of refreshing their website and Marketing campaigns. It started with compelling images to tell their brand story.