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A Brand New Logo for a New Beginning

In 2020, Hardware Concepts move to a brand new building in Pacific Grove after 20 years. A brand whose mission is to create easy access and an enjoyable experience of shopping for door hardware. The original logo was the name set in Times NewRoman. The new logo was set in Bodoni that gestures to our on focus high-end products, commands the audiences’ attention to the door handle in the H, creating the ideal foundation for this brand to grow.

The site had to speak to at least three distinct audiences: interior designers, builders and home owners — each with a specific value proposition.

The largest challenge was ensuring these audiences quickly understood the difference between cheap hard wear and custom build hardware, while learning about the unique differentiators of Hardware Concepts — all while showing off the years of experience and customer service and knowledge. The hardware of a house is the most tactile part of the structure. Using cheap hardwear is the equivalent of a Kia steering wheel on a Ferrari.

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Make Designing Enjoyable.

The new website encourages users to engage with Hardware Concepts, and expands the possibilities of new builds. While staying updated as the new products make their way into the showroom.

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