Santa Cruz Life and Health

Brand Identity

Research & Audit

After conducting a thorough market research and industry audit, our team discovered a significant gap in the visual consistency and branding of Medicare Health Insurance. We recognized the need to create a brand identity that truly resonated with seniors and effectively communicated the value of our service.

To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the diverse success stories of seniors seeking healthcare and designed a logo that emphasized trust and guidance over program features and benefits. By representing a range of meaningful life scenarios, we effectively conveyed the true value of finding a helping hand in the rough seas of healthcare.

Communicating the Real Value

Our approach to branding is not only empathetic, but also strategic. By focusing on the real needs and concerns of our target audience, we aim to build a strong and positive brand identity that engenders trust and loyalty. Our branding efforts have the potential to make a significant impact in the Medicare Health Insurance market, and position us as a leading provider of healthcare services for seniors.