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A compelling vision by an effective leader is the foundation of the greatest brands in the world. New ideas, enterprises, and products are created by individuals who can imagine what others can’t see. They tend to deliver what they believe is possible. It just takes VISION, AUTHENTICITY, AND DIFFERENTIATION Download Free White Paper Free Branding Advice. Join our newsletter. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; ...

Legos for Tradeshows

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects we've worked on. The project was to create a trade show giveaway with a long shelf life. Legos seemed like a logical solution, because of the modularity of the client's product. Manifesting this idea into a feasible cost effective project was a major design challenge. The first step was to ...

Life in Motion

A two and half minute documentary on Tess Deddo ‘s struggle with limbloss. The discovery of the infinite socket and she reclaimed her life back

Product Video Testimonial

In September 2015 with a small crew we travel down to LA to interview Viktor Wagner about his experience with the Infinite Socket. We need a series of vignettes about how people are getting their life back through this and using product. We storyboarded, scouted and shot this video in two days.