LIM Innovations

Web Design + Photography + Email Campaign

At LIM Innovations, they believe that amputees deserve to live beyond the limits of their prosthesis and enjoy full mobility and independence. With cutting-edge products that push the boundaries of the prosthetics industry, LIM Innovations needed a website that reflected their innovative approach and powerful mission.

Casella Creative stepped in to create an engaging, dynamic web experience that would showcase LIM Innovations’ life-changing products and inspire the prosthetics industry to catch up with the 21st century. The new website not only conveyed the incredible impact LIM Innovations’ products have on amputees’ lives, but it also featured a robust ordering system that streamlined the process for prosthetists and patients alike.

Through expert product and patient photography, Casella Creative brought LIM Innovations’ vision to life, creating a website that truly embodies their mission to empower amputees and revolutionize the prosthetics industry.

Responsive Email Campaign